Because Lorenzo Amoruso is famous

Perché è famoso Lorenzo Amoruso

Former footballer and manager, Lorenzo Amoruso has become a well-known face of the small screen as a sports commentator

Lorenzo Amoruso is a former Italian footballer and sports manager: after retiring from racing, he became a well-known face of the small screen as a sports commentator.

Born in Bari on 28 June 1971, Amoruso made his Serie A debut in 1989 with Bari, only to be purchased by Fiorentina in the summer of 1995. He remained in the team for two years, winning the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup.

After his long career in Scotland, which gave him many satisfactions, such as the victory of three championships and four cups, in 2010 he was hired by Fiorentina as sports manager, a role he held for two years.

Hanging on his football boots, Lorenzo Amoruso became a sports commentator and took part in various TV programs, including Rai for Euro 2016, Platinum Football on Italia 7 Toscana and Monday goals on Canale Italia; also for TV8 he collaborated with the technical commentary of the Europa League matches.

In 2016 he led, together with the ex footballer Gianluca Vialli, the nightmare docu-reality team, while in 2018 he took part in Celebrity MasterChef Italia, broadcast on Sky Uno.

A very reserved man, in the past he was linked to Giulia Montanarini, ex Letterina di Passaparola, and sister of Claudia, ex tronista of Men and Women. In 2020 he betrayed his innate reserve by participating together with his partner Manila Nazzaro, filming the reality show Temptation Island.

Their love was born in 2017, after the showgirl said goodbye to her ex husband Francesco Cozza, to whom she had been linked since 2005. With the ex footballer Nazzaro had two children, Francesco Pio, who came into the world in 2006, and Nicolas, who arrived five years later.

In the presentation video of Temptation Island, Nazzaro and Amoruso told their love story: "I no longer believed in love – the showgirl confessed -. Lorenzo was really good at having that patience and that determination to make me believe that it is possible to fall in love again. Temptation could "enlighten us". I would like our story to take a specific turn in the end. "

Lorenzo Amoruso managed to find his partner's smile and serenity after the end of his 12-year marriage. In an interview with Diva and Donna the showgirl had told of the traumatic break with Cozza: "I discovered on Instagram that she had another family. A very strong blow. It is not a good thing to see images on Instagram that refer to the existence of another family. "

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