Because Maya Sansa is famous, protagonist of I will seek you

Maya Sansa

Maya Sansa is the protagonist of I will seek you, the new fiction with Alessandro Gassmann

Successful actress and courageous woman, Maya Sansa is the protagonist of I will seek you. Class of 1975, she was born in Rome to an Italian mother and an Iranian father. He met his father when he was 15 and spent his childhood with his mother and grandmother.

Raised in a very open and dynamic family, Maya began acting at 14. “I am the only child of a single mother – she told Io Donna some time ago -. My mother and grandmother teamed up to raise me. It was the seventies, there were always a lot of people in the house. I grew up in a community, where the biological link was not the only possible one. There were affections, that is, friends and friends of my mother, with their children, like Aureliano and Veronica who for me were – and still are – brothers. An open and permeable family that has chosen itself. "

After graduating from classical high school she moved to England, London, where she began attending the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Back in Italy she began a career in the world of cinema, collaborating with the director Marco Bellocchio. Over the years her fame has also grown in France, where she is appreciated by critics and audiences.

Not just cinema, Maya Sansa has starred in numerous television dramas. The actress was the star of Everything Can Happen, with Pietro Sermonti and Alessandro Tiberi, and of The Zecchino d'Oro boys. His latest work is I will seek you where he acts alongside Alessandro Gassmann.

Maya Sansa has been living in France for years with her partner, Canadian actor Fabrice Scott. In 2014 the couple had a daughter who they chose to call Talitha. This particular name derives from Aramaic and means "girl". Although they have lived in Paris for some time, Maya and Fabrice met in Italy. Born in 1970, the actor works a lot in the theater and studied like her in London. "Talitha is the name of Regina Orioli's little sister, I heard it a long time ago – he explained -. It means girl in Aramaic. In the Gospel of San Marco it is the name of a girl resurrected by Jesus, and the coincidence is that in Sleeping Beauty Fabrice reads exactly this passage ”.

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