Because parties stress me so much

Le feste mi stressano

Dinners with unwanted relatives, gift ideas that are in short supply and the work that increases. Surviving Christmas is truly a mission impossible

Wearing a beautiful red shirt with a Grinch face printed on it will not make me immune from Christmas stress, much less from all the commitments that, like it or not, are at my expense. And you know, as much as I try to always organize everything down to the smallest detail, every year I always find myself in the usual situation, the one during which my only wish is for everything to end as soon as possible.

What then is not that I hate Christmas, I’m just not a fan. And they are not for so many reasons that I am sure you can share with me. Let’s start with work, for example. It’s true, I often have a respectable Christmas break that provokes envy in my friends, but do we want to talk about the days leading up to December 25th? The work increases disproportionately because everyone naturally expects what was not done during the year to be done by the end of the month. So between overtime, endless hours without even a coffee break and work brought home, arriving at Christmas day unharmed seems almost a miracle.

And then there are the gifts. Every year the list of people to do it increases and you always have to find original ideas to make others happy, only to find the drawer full of scarves, gloves and hats. And it is not just ideas that are the problem, but also and above all the lack of time.

Add to this the fact that, like it or not, we will be forced to meet those relatives we never see and never hear. Those who do not even remember their existence throughout the year, but are offended if we do not visit them at home during the holidays.

And maybe it was over here. Because then there is the most important aspect: that of organizing lunches and dinners with the family. Who do you go to on the 24th? from whom, instead, the 25th? And what if someone is upset? So here is the most unhealthy solution of all: organize Christmas at home and invite their families. And no, the real mission is not to clean the house and cook for everyone, but to try to ensure that dishes and bad words do not fly among the so-called “snake relatives”.

Do we also want to talk about binges? Those that, as science confirms, give us those three kilos that go directly to our hips or buttocks? Of course, we can always choose not to eat, but who explains it to the grandmother that we refuse her delicacies for the line?

In short, surviving the holidays is truly a mission impossible. And whoever says that the secret lies in not being overwhelmed by anxiety is lying: how can we not do it if already in October in the shops and on the streets everything reminds us that Christmas, and all the stress it causes us, are coming?

However, you only need to hold out until January to start seeing romantic little hearts and soft toys. But I’m not sure this is really a consolation.

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