Because Patrizia De Blanck is famous

Because Patrizia De Blanck is famous

Patrizia De Blanck, not a simple Countess: TV star from the 60s, the columnist has landed at GF Vip 5

Big Brother Vip 5 has just begun, yet there already seems to be a competitor that stands out more than the others: we are talking about Patrizia De Blanck, Countess and famous TV personality.

Patrizia was born in Rome on November 9, 1940 and comes from a noble Venetian family; his fame is not due to his origins but to his television career. In fact, De Blanck became a star in the 60s, participating as a valley in Il Musichiere, thus marking only the beginning of a constant presence on television.

However, Patrizia took a break from the scenes, also due to her rather troubled sentimental situation: the Countess got engaged publicly with Farouk El Chourbagi, causing her great pain because the man tragically passed away.
She later married Baronet Anthony Leigh Milne, but their affair lasted only a few months due to a betrayal. In 1971 he married Giuseppe Drommi, consul of Panama, with whom in 1981 he will have a daughter, Giada De Blanck, born in '81.

On the other hand, the Countess also had many lovers in her life. According to her confessions in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Patrizia would have had an affair with Alberto Sordi and Franco Califano. On the singer-songwriter he declared: "Before you ask me, he knew how to do a lot in bed".

As previously anticipated, her retirement from the limelight lasted until the early 2000s: Patrizia took part as a regular guest in Chiambretti there on Rai 2 with Piero Chiambretti, while in 2003 she is a regular guest on Domenica In Conducted by Paolo Bonolis. Subsequently, the Contessa participated as a competitor in the reality show Il ristorante on Rai 1 and in Igor Righetti's radio program Il ComuniCactive broadcast on Radio 1 with the column La classe è non acqua, transgredire con bon ton.

But in 2008 the turning point came: it was the audience of L'Isola dei Famosi who welcomed her with open arms, reaching the semifinals. Patrizia decided to participate in the reality show after her daughter Giada, a finalist of Miss Italy, also participated in it in 2003, coming second.

In the last ten years, Patrizia has often been a columnist for various programs such as Domenica In and Domenica Live and has also taken part in the film productions Parentesi tonde and Vacanze di Natale in Cortina, in which she played herself. In September 2020 she landed in the most spied-on house in Italy, or the GF Vip, in which she is already making a lot of talk about herself with her pungent remarks and her nice verve.

In 2006, Patrizia also published an autobiography with the title In bed with the Devil: in the book the Countess recounted several traumatic episodes in her life, such as the betrayal of her first husband with another man and her period of economic recession, this 'last also confessed in an interview with the weekly Top.

I lived, with my family, used to having six service people. We now have only one service person in two and four dogs. And it mainly deals with them.

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