Because Serena Bortone is famous

Perché è famosa Serena Bortone

Let's get to know Serena Bortone better, presenter of the new afternoon talk "Today is another day", broadcast on Rai 1

The television season has just started again with several protagonists who will keep us company: one of these is Serena Bortone, journalist and presenter of the new afternoon talk Today is another day, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 2pm on Rai 1.

On the eve of her 50 years (Serena was in fact born in Rome on 8 September 1970), her debut in the afternoon marks an important turning point in her career: even though Bortone started working for Rai in the late 90s , the journalist devoted herself to conducting only three years ago.

He has collaborated for several historical programs of the television broadcaster, such as Avanzi by Serena Dandini and In search of the ark, conducted by Mino Damato: the latter asked Serena on her first day of work to look for a real snake for their guest in studio La Toya, elder sister of the famous Michael Jackson. The reporter managed to find the snake and the singer carried it around her neck for the duration of the broadcast.

A fun and bizarre start that announced a promising career for Serena, who has specialized as an author and has made some television formats and ten travel documentaries. In 2010 he conceived the very popular Agorà, a political study program conducted by Gerardo Greco and Andrea Vianello, broadcast on Rai 3 every morning. Serena, therefore, was the author and correspondent, until in 2017 she took the helm of the program, becoming its face. With the change of goal, Serena passed the baton to her colleague Luisella Costamagna.

Serena also had the opportunity to study English, mastering the language very well. Interviewed by Il Giornale Off, the journalist talked about her days in London, where she spent her youth: “I fully experienced the London of the Eighties. In particular I was lucky enough to go Live Aid. Among all the great artists, this Freddie Mercury arrived at a certain point and we all went crazy, there I realized the genius of this man. "

Not much is known about the journalist's private life, nevertheless Serena often updates her social profiles with lots of selfies, photos of the books she reads and shots of her daily life between home and work. In his description Instagram writes:

I do television and many other things. Omnivorous. Mozart, Wilder, Tolstoy, Freud. Austen, Parker, De Beauvoir, Kristof. Feminist.

As you can read from this short presentation, Bortone has a real passion for literature. As the journalist herself stated in an interview with Famiglia Cristiana, Serena has been reading books since she was a child, in particular the writings of Don Milani, recommended by her mother.

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