Because Teresa De Sio is famous

Because Teresa De Sio is famous

Neapolitan doc and Giuliana's older sister, she is one of the most refined voices on the Italian music scene

Born in Naples on 3 November 1952, Teresa De Sio – sister of the actress Giuliana, born in 1956 – is one of the most refined voices on the Italian music scene. His artistic career began in 1976, the year in which he founded, together with Eugenio Bennato and Carlo D'Angiò, the Musicanova complex, one of the most famous groups in the field of Neapolitan popular music (together with them he released an LP ).

Interviewed by Pierluigi Diaco in the studio of Io e Te on 10 August 2020, she released her first album, Sulla terra sulla luna, in 1980. Two years later the record work that bears her name was released, characterized by the presence of one of her most famous songs, Voglia 'e Turnà. The latest album, Puro Desiderio, was released in 2019.

Multifaceted artist known for the very high level of musical research – which ranges from Neapolitan sounds to the universe of Taranta – during her career Teresa De Sio has collaborated with great names in the aforementioned art. Among these it is possible to mention Brian Eno and, in recent years, Ghemon, whose talent she is considered a real pigmaliona.

Teresa De Sio, daughter of two hippy parents, is also a writer. The sister of the famous actress Giuliana published her first novel in 2009, a noir set in the wonderful Salento which is called Put the Devil to Dance. The following year, the eldest of the De Sio sisters brought this work of art to the stage, transforming it into a play in which, of course, there was no lack of music. In 2015, his second book was released, entitled L’Attentissima.

His experience on the small screen is also noteworthy, dating back to 1983. In that year, Teresa De Sio took part in Fantastico, hosted at the time by Gigi Proietti and Heather Parisi. The Neapolitan artist sang the theme song for the famous variety, the song O Sole Se ne Va.

Growing up in Cava dei Tirreni, Teresa De Sio is very active on Instagram, where, on a profile followed by about 4 thousand people, she shares various details related above all to her work. As for his private life, very little is known. Never been married, she declared in Pierluigi Diaco's studio that she was single and that she had recently concluded a love story.

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