Because the maternal grandmother will make a child's life special

Because the maternal grandmother will make a child's life special

The maternal grandmother will make her grandson's life better, emotionally and personally.

Between the maternal grandmother and her grandchildren there is a special and indissoluble bond that lasts for life and beyond, without any limit of time and space.

The maternal grandmother has a role of great responsibility towards that child born precisely from the greatest love of his life: his daughter. Precisely because of this indissoluble bond, its influence passes through entire generations.

The teachings to a child in fact arrive precisely through the grandmother who in this case becomes a fundamental presence in the life of the whole family. She is a double mother, emotionally but also genetically.

The genetic load that is transmitted from a mother to a child is related to the grandmother, it is in fact from the maternal part in fact that mainly the traits are inherited.

The genetic character does not recur in every generation, often one is skipped, so it is likely that a child looks more like a great-grandfather than his parents.

The connection with the maternal grandmother, however, exists, and is transmitted not only on a physical and character level. It is a perceptible impression, even in a small detail like a mole in a specific point of the body or the posture for example.

And then there are the inner traits, those of the body and the soul. Education and values, on the other hand, are transmitted through the physical presence of the grandmother in the life of the nephew, even though at times it may surprise us to find in our child the same attitudes that our mother once had, even though she is no longer present, physically, in our lives .

According to science, even the grandmother's emotional experiences can be inherited. The emotions that a woman experiences during pregnancy are transmitted to her daughter and consequently to her grandchildren one day.

The emotional influence therefore remains active in the DNA even after a whole generation: this is why a maternal grandmother will forever influence the life of a child, even millions of light years away.

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