Because Tinì Cansino is famous

Because Tinì Cansino is famous

Tinì Cansino is a Greek showgirl and is the third columnist of Men and Women: "For me, every episode is like a session in therapy"

Men and Women is back on our screens in a whole new guise, but a winning team does not change: in addition to Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari, there is also another woman to complete the roster of commentators: we are talking about Tinì Cansino , the famous red hair of the dating show.

Photina Lappa, this is the real name of Tinì Cansino, was born in Volos (Greece) in 1959 and became a television personality long before Maria De Filippi's show was created: at nineteen, during a holiday in Italy, the showgirl is noticed by the producer and agent Alberto Tarallo. Thus began his adventure in the world of television, also thanks to his resemblance to the American diva Rita Hayworth, so much so that for a long time the press had believed that there was a kinship between the two.

Since the mid-1980s, therefore, Tinì has bewitched the Italian public thanks to her extraordinary beauty and her red hair. Drive in, PlayGirl, Carabinieri are born and Caterina and her daughters, these are just some of the titles in which Cansino participated.

In 1984, Tinì had his film debut with the cult Arrapaho by Ciro Ippolito, now considered a cult movie. Subsequently he took part in the television films Mixed Doubles and Provare per credo by Sergio Martino and in the erotic films Delizia by Joe D'Amato, A step from the dawn by Mario Bianchi and Arabella the black angel by Stelvio Massi. A career that continued to flourish until 1989, when Tinì left the stage after one last participation in the comedy program Trisitors, alongside the Trettré.

In 2012 she landed as a columnist for Men and Women, after several years spent away from the scene to take care of her family: the actress is linked to Claudio Di Giulio, father of her two children Tamara and Nicolas, but also has a daughter named Voula, from a previous relationship. Her daughter Tamara followed in her mother's footsteps by pursuing a career as an actress, starring in the film I, They and Lara by Carlo Verdone.

Tinì does not participate in every episode of the dating show, but his opinions are always highly appreciated by the public and by those present. In a 2015 interview granted to the magazine Visa, the showgirl told how she ended up in the studies of the program:

It was I who proposed myself to Maria for participation in Men and Women and to be accepted, for me, was an immense pleasure. I was an attentive viewer. Now, for three years, I have been part of a beautiful family. I would not have returned to TV, after so many years, in a location that I had not felt suitable for me. For me, every episode is like a therapy session.

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