Because Tinna Hoffmann is famous from Dancing with the Stars

Perché è famosa Tinna Hoffmann di Ballando con le Stelle

Born in 1983, she is engaged to her colleague Fabio Modica and has participated in two editions of the dance show

Tinna Hoffmann, born in Århus on January 21, 1983, is a famous Danish dancer. According to what was revealed by the TvBlog newspaper, starting from Saturday 19 September it could take to the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars as a traveling companion of Rosalinda Celentano, thus replacing Samuel Peron (the Danish dancer and the second child of Molleilato would become, in case, the first all-female couple of the show).

Tinna Hoffmann's journey into dance began when the dancer was only 8 years old: in fact, her first participation in a dance competition dates back to 1991. Since then, a successful career has opened up for her.

Among the most important stages it is undoubtedly possible to mention the conquest of the third place in the Danish junior championship, obtained at the age of 14, but also the beginning, three years later, of participation in international competitions, which saw her put herself to the test with dancers from countries like Germany and France. Talking about Tinna Hoffmann's career means, inevitably, calling into question the transfer to Italy, which took place after having obtained the scientific maturity.

In our country, Hoffmann met a person who was very important to her professional and personal growth: the dancer, choreographer and producer Fabio Modica, her partner on the dance floor, in life and in business. The two, in fact, founded The Best Dance dance school in Sarzana. Among the reasons why Tinna Hoffmann, present on Instagram with a profile followed by over 28 thousand people, is famous, the relationship with Milly Carlucci's dance show clearly falls.

The gorgeous Danish dancer, a beautiful woman with long raven hair, danced in two editions of Dancing with the Stars. Hoffmann first took to the dance floor in 2006 as the dance teacher of actor Sean Kanan – one of the faces of the soap Beautiful – and repeated it in 2010, competing alongside former fencing star Stefano Pantano.

Returning for a moment to his successes paired with Modica, we recall that the two dancers, in 2009, took to the stage of the final of the world dance championships. In 2017, Tinna and Fabio instead 'graduated' Italian champions at the South American Show Dance at the Eindhoven Dance Festival.

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