Because Valentina Persia is famous, shipwrecked on the Island 2021

Perché è famosa Valentina Persia, naufraga all’Isola 2021

From the debut to "Do you know the latest?" up to the Island of the Famous 2021: the volcanic Valentina Persia between career, successes and private life

Red hair, big green eyes and boundless irony: Valentina Persia is one of the competitors in the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, which she sees at the helm for the first time by Ilary Blasi. Born in 1971, Persia is a well-known face of the entertainment world that with its energy will surely bring a wave of fun to Honduras.

Valentina Persia has a rich and varied curriculum, a woman of great experience who in her almost 50 years has achieved numerous goals, both in work and in private life. Cabaret artist, actress, extraordinary imitator and also dancer, her debut dates back to 1994 in La sai l’ultimo ?, Mediaset's cult program conducted by Pippo Franco who accompanied an entire generation to the sound of puns and jokes.

Already then Valentina Persia had distinguished herself for her talent and volcanic beauty, winning the hearts of the public. Moreover, before approaching the world of TV, the actress had studied acting in the school directed by the great Pietro Garinei. Do you know the latest after? other programs have arrived such as Saxa Rubra with Zuzzurro and Gaspare, Sotto a chi touch once again alongside Pippo Franco and then again as a regular guest in the re-edition of the show that made it known to the general public. Paolo Limiti also wanted her by his side in the studios of See you on Rai Uno in 2000.

Valentina Persia has also taken part in successful TV dramas and films such as Di che sin sei ?, Caterina and her daughters 2 and Honor and Respect – Part Two with Gabriel Garko. Although the small screen has become a second home for her, Persia has never abandoned her first great love: the theater. Among the shows with which Ah Valentina dressed again (single by force), I hate red, Good in bed, The first that happens, Bussami, Teresa Zum Zum, If forty gives me so much, Maria Stunata was staged.

As often happens, pain and sadness are hidden behind the smile. Valentina Persia has always been rather reserved for what concerns her life outside the stage, however the tragedy she experienced in 2004 did not go unnoticed. In that year she lost her beloved partner Salvo, with whom she was a couple. fixed for 4 years now. The couple had a deep love affair and were planning to get married.

In 2015 Valentina Persia gave birth to two twin children, Carlotta and Lorenzo. Even this event, although happy, was actually not easy for the actress who suffered from bad postpartum depression. But she also passed this test, managing to get back on her feet, and today she adores her children more than anything else in the world.

Stronger than ever, he is now preparing to land in Honduras for L'Isola dei Famosi 2021 together with former footballer Paul Gascoigne, Elisa Isoardi, youtuber Awed, Brando Giorgi, Vera Gemma, supermodel Drusilla Gucci, Akash Kuhmar and others . "Believe me, it was not an easy choice" – he wrote on his Instagram profile – "but I have always considered difficult decisions as an opportunity. I find myself at the center of a vortex of emotions made up of fears, detachments, encouragement and I do not hide even tears. I will take you all with me. Good Island to me, my children and all of you! ”. And yes, good Island to Valentina Persia.

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