Because violent video games are dangerous for children

Violent video games are dangerous for children, as they can have many negative effects on the health of their brain and make them aggressive

Violent video games are dangerous for children, as they can make them overwhelming in the long run. In fact, we must not underestimate the dangerous effects that video games could have on children. Experts psychologists are the ones who want to highlight the many disadvantages of these bad habits of children. 90% of pediatricians agree that violent games incite children to aggression.

It happens that, in the long run, these videogames can desensitize the little ones, who interpret aggression as something not negative. In this regard there is a great debate at international level concerning these negative effects, from which numerous controversies arise following the shooting that caused the death of as many as 9 people in Munich. It was later discovered that the killer was a fan of violent video games. The latter could have influenced his brain, prompting the young man to perform this terrible criminal act. Nevertheless, these events are very complex and can be caused by multiple factors acting together.

Of course you can't accurately predict homicidal intentions based on dangerous video games or any other single factor. But this does not mean that there is no link between violent video games and aggression when children spend a lot of time at the computer. Recent studies show that dangerous video games increase aggressive attitudes in both males and females of all ages. Some laboratory experiments have led to definitive conclusions to establish their real effects. Participants were randomly assigned to play both a violent game and a non-violent one.

Experts have conducted hundreds of studies related to forms of aggression. In particular, the behaviors of children with their peers such as pushes, kicks or beatings were observed. Scholars have confirmed that children who love violent video games showed a more aggressive nature and were more insensitive to the suffering of others, regardless of where they lived. Therefore psychologists advise paying particular attention to video games for children and their attitudes outside the home, since these types of behaviors are very complex and above all difficult to predict.

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