Become a mermaid? You can, with Mermaiding

Become a mermaid? You can, with Mermaiding

Have you ever dreamed of being like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"? Today, thanks to the new aquatic fitness, you can aspire to become like her (or almost …)

If The Little Mermaid was your favorite movie and if you also wanted to become like Ariel as a child, now your dream can come true. There is a new sport that is making a trend in Italy and abroad: mermaiding, which consists in swimming with the style (and the tail) of a mermaid.

Mermaiding is a type of aquatic fitness that combines underwater swimming, synchronized swimming and underwater theater: those who practice it stage underwater choreography with apneas of over 5 minutes. It is practiced by wearing a long plastic monofin covered with colored and shimmering fabric (the tail, in practice) not only scenographic, but which helps to push with a single blow a large amount of water. The training takes place in the pool but nothing prevents you, once you have learned the technique, from swimming in the open sea.

In addition to the pleasure of being transformed into mermaids, practicing mairmaiding also has great beneficial effects on health. First of all, the whole body is toned: from the abs to the buttocks, from the arms to the legs. Breathing and posture are improved, muscles are strengthened and stress is overcome. It also allows you to learn relaxation techniques in the water, with benefits to the spine and joints.

A complete sport, which can be practiced at all ages. It may be easier for children because of their innate aquaticity, but it's never too late to try. And it is not true that it is a discipline for women only: the experienced newts are constantly increasing. Mermaiding courses can now be found in many Italian cities: Milan, Rome and Turin for example, but also Genoa, Lecce and Olbia. The interest around this sport has increased to such an extent that the Italian Underwater Activities Federation has founded the first mermaid academy.

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