Becoming a mother after the 40 not only among the stars

Becoming a mother after the 40 not only among the stars

From Monica Bellucci to Emanuela Folliero, the VIP examples of mothers who have passed the door

Italian mothers are less and less young: only 11 of the children born are mothers under 25 years old. Or better: the number of women who have a child over the age of 40 is increasing. The trend, which is especially noticeable in the United States, has been steadily growing throughout the western world in recent years. In Italy it has gone from 12,383 born in 1995 to 27,938 born in 2006, with an average age for mothers of 31 years, about a year more than the mothers of 1995.

Whether the delay is linked to the need, or the need, to reach a certain standard of life or professional achievement (see Monica Bellucci), there is no lack of risks. Also because, experts point out, the studies so far have not shown a shift in the age of menopause, which is accompanied by an increase in longevity. In other words, you live a little bit more but from a fertility point of view nothing changes. For a few VIP mothers – from Alessandra Mussolini to Emanuela Folliero, from Federica Panicucci to Nicole Kidman – and who flaunt a happy baby bump there are many who are forced to struggle with fertility, falling exponentially after the age of 35.

"Mom in forty years, why not? I, too, will cross the threshold of the doors next year but if the problem were only the age the second I would do it on the run … »wrote mother in a forum in a forum. Many people think of it like her, but not Linda 67, who says: "We can shoot it as we please but 40 years are not 30, the risks are greater, and fatigue is felt all right. (… fertility does not change anything.

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