Beijing Express, Asia Silver furious: "After paying the minimum, they wanted to spread others"

Beijing Express, Asia Silver furious: "After paying the minimum, they wanted to spread others"

Asia Argento accuses Beijing Express after the injury and farewell to the program

Asia Argento, new life begins with sport

Asia Argento vents against Beijing Express by telling the background of her knee injury during a direct Instagram with Vera Gemma. The Italian director was among the most appreciated protagonists of the show conducted by Costantino della Gherardesca, but had to abandon the game before the end due to an injury.

In fact, Asia broke one knee during an immunity test and, after receiving the first treatments, she had to return to Italy. Vera Gemma, her adventure partner, continued the game with Gennaro Lillio, until the elimination. Back in Italy, a few weeks after the show aired, Argento wanted to tell what happened during the filming and the dynamics of her accident.

"Feel this cruelty – said Asia -. I mean, I'm not a ***. Sue me. They paid me the guaranteed mimino, okay? Zero, nothing else. " Argento then told the moments after the accident.

“I felt the pain, however, I know how to internalize it, I know how to implode it – he revealed -. We went home that evening. They made me an antediluvian plaster. I haven't seen such a thing since the 80s, wet things […] A badly made plaster that squeezed my leg. " Upon returning to the hotel, Asia would receive some requests from the Beijing Express production, intending to shoot a confessional.

"Let's go back to the hotel – he explained – and say 'finally we can have a beer' but they call us to make a pantomime of us happy because we had won the bonus. While we wanted to eat and drink, because it was our right to have won the test, they send us the cameras and ask us to speak ill of others, of the Tops, of things. Then I had to hold my leg up and they asked me 'Sorry, can you lower the leg you see in the shot?' There I replied "You broke my c ***** i".

Finally Vera Gemma added: "When they started asking us what we thought of all the competitors one by one, Asia was in agony, with excruciating pain and at one point she said 'You broke me, I don't give a damn'."

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