Being 50 and looking 25: Jennifer Lopez’s skin care

Being 50 and looking 25: Jennifer Lopez's skin care

Jennifer Lopez, through her Instagram profile, has recently unveiled her daily skin care, thanks to which she always manages to look like a girl.

Jennifer Lopez recently appears to have gone back at least 20 years.

Jennifer Lopez skin care

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And no, not just because she’s back with her boyfriend at the time (Ben Affleck, just to be clear, but everyone knows).

For her the years never go by: she still looks like Jenny From The Block’s girlfriend, young, beautiful, spirited.

Today again it has no wrinkles, spots or signs of aging. His skin still appears today smooth, compact, bright even without a trickle of makeup.

But of course in part the merit is of the genetics, of course, in part it is also of the constancy.

Yes, because to be beautiful even at 50 – she is 52 and in a few months she will turn 53 – this is the best ingredient, even more than creams, serums and so on and so forth.

Already after 40 the skin thins, becomes less elastic, loses the natural hyaluronic acid which helps it to be compact.

That is why it takes some basic steps, which should be like a daily exercise for every woman.

How to do? Day by day care starts from cleansing. The clean face is ready to receive any treatment and make-up.

Without this step, in short, all the following ones become in vain. Here come steam baths to open the pores and make the skin brighter, purifying masks, which smooth the skin.

Yes also a all detox products, such as the Leoss clay extract, which reduces inflammation and, therefore, also eliminates any redness.

And we should also say yes to cosmetic products with a fluid texture, which arise from imperfections and do not highlight them, and which are also rapidly absorbed.

A secret? The natural ones, which give vitality to the complexion, but always making it seem very natural.

But returning to Jennifer Lopez, what does her daily skin care consist of?

Jennifer Lopez’s skin care to look very young even at 50

Anyone who knows her, swears that Jennifer Lopez is extremely constant when it comes to skin care.

Jennifer Lopez skin care

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His is a very rigorous beauty routine, which accepts no exceptions. What are the steps that follow?

The first is cleaning which, as we have said, becomes essential to be able to move forward and follow the next ones.

Then in the T-zone – i.e. forehead, nose and chin – apply the cleanser, a day and night serum and it doesn’t end there of course.

As she herself stated, since she was 18, never gives up on sun protection.

We know that UV rays can be really harmful to the skin and can cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. That’s why good protection is needed to look younger, fresher.

Other products that he cannot do without are nourishing, firming and illuminating creams and masks.

Obviously – and it seems almost useless to specify it – the products she uses belong to her makeup line, J Lo Beauty.

Another secret of Jennifer Lopez’s beauty routine? Positive thoughts: keeping the mood high manages to nourish body and mind.

If after taking a cue from JLo’s beauty routine you want to copy the make-up of a super Vip instead, try Monica Bellucci’s eye make-up.

This is why the singer and actress is never afraid to show herself without make-up: to explain the secrets of her beauty routine, in fact, the artist showed herself completely without make-up in the foreground and we know that she also usually publishes several shots like that.

After all, with skin like hers, who would be afraid of being completely natural?

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