Being casual in spring at 40 is possible (and that’s how it is)

How to be casual at 40 in spring? If you are short of ideas and you don’t know how to move in this season’s mare magnum of fashion, here are 5 outfits that could be for you.

Being casual after 40 is not only possible, it is also much easier than it seems.

casual 40s spring

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Let’s start from this assumption: we can be who we always want, at all ages. And especially, we can wear whatever we want, without necessarily having to submit to dogmas imposed by society.

May they be miniskirts, leather garments, animalier, everything is always allowed, even at the age of 40, 50, 60: the important thing is to feel at ease with your body.

That said, how can we be casual at 40 in spring? Here are 5 outfits that can be right for you.

Being casual at 40 in spring is possible

Fashion this year – especially this season – offers very different outfits, but in the end they all have a minimum common denominator: the return to the past.

casual 40s spring

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Over the past few months we have witnessed to the exodus of many leaders that we had by now forgotten, like low-rise jeans, short cardigans, denim jackets.

Some of these garments can also become perfect for building a perfect casual outfit after 40.

If, on the other hand, you want some ideas for going to a party at 40, here is our guide.

Jeans, t – shirts and sneakers

What’s more casual of jeans, combined with a t-shirt (which is one-color, with some writing, insert, little changes) and very simple sneakers?

This outfit deserves very few explanations: it is what more simple, practical, even sporty at times. And it is perfect for all ages, but at 40 it is even more so.

Blazer and palazzo trousers

The blazer is that typical garment that we all love and all want to have in our closet, regardless of age.

Symbol of elegance, it becomes emblematic of the transition style (i.e. the period in which one passes from one season to another).

If it is true that the mid-seasons no longer exist, to combat this heat still alternating with some reminiscences of coolness, there is no better garment than this.

And there’s more, because despite being a symbol of refinement, this year on the catwalks stylists from all over the world have decided to make it a perfect garment suitable for street style.

In fact we have seen on the catwalks oversized blazers worn as a dress, but also blazer – t – shirt combinations.

We have seen it combined with total white, but also in its multicolour version, as well as mix & match.

That’s why we can now feel entitled to grasp every nuance and play it as we wish.

We can therefore make it an elegant garment, but also casual, it all depends on the texture, the color, how we combine it.

For example, since this is the era of fluorescent colors, we could focus on one of these shades and combine it with a simple palazzo trousers in a neutral color.

The result will be a casual look, but still sophisticated, perfect even after the age of 40 (but even before).

90’s style miniskirt and leather jacket

True fashion addicts know very well that there is a difference between the very first miniskirts – those of the 60s that is – and the following ones.

Those of the 90s, in fact, became absolutely sensual and some designers – like Versace first of all – contributed to making them an iconic garment.

We remember them wearing a super supermodel symbol of that decade, including Naomi Campbell.

And in this very spring this version is back in fashion, thanks to designers like Prada, who wanted to celebrate modern minimalism and geometric garments with this garment.

So this type of miniskirt becomes a garment suitable for all ages, it always depends on how you wear it.

What to combine it with after 40? With a top, for example, and a leather jacket. Sophisticated, sexy, irresistible, with this look no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Shorts and denim jacket

Fresh, youthful, but always trendy, the denim jacket is back this spring to remind us of our adolescence / youth.

Passepartout garment, this is returning to be the protagonist of the outfits of all the catwalks, but in many different variations from the one we remembered.

The denim jacket, in fact, this year is tinged with color. Which? Pink – this is the case of Saint Laurent, just to give an example – cream, beige, pearl gray – choice made by Guess – but also yellow – Marina Rinaldi teaches – lime, blue.

And it doesn’t end there, because this year the designers have also played on form and not just on color.

Here Wood Wood proposed it in its oversized version, MSGM on the fantasy, Act N.21 made it a trench / bolero.

The denim jacket already alone is the apotheosis of casual mixed with rock. That’s why after 40 it becomes necessary in every woman’s wardrobe and we can’t do without it especially in spring, regardless of the color and shape we choose.

But how to wear it? With shorts for example and slave sandals, which give the outfit a sexy nuance.

Flat sandals and midi skirt

There midi skirt after the doors becomes our must have always, regardless of our body, our taste.

Neither there are many types, models, in many different colors. One-color, two-color, multicolour, the choice is very wide, it all depends on what we want to do.

How to make this garment – chic by definition – casual? With a t – shirt and very simple flat sandals. You can wear it to work, go out shopping in the day, go out for lunch and so on.

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