Being the daughter of Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis' unfiltered confession

Being the daughter of Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis' unfiltered confession

Tallulah Willis has opened up to Instagram followers about her self-esteem issues due to being the daughter of a beautiful star like Demi Moore

Tallulah Willis, the battle (won) of the daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore

Being the daughter of a beautiful and successful woman like Demi Moore is certainly an advantage in many ways, but it can be particularly difficult if you are a fragile person. This is what happened to Tallulah Willis, who decided to confess all her insecurities on Instagram, speaking openly about the lack of self-esteem she had for most of her life, derived from the perennial and inevitable confrontation with her mother.

"It took some time to accept it – he wrote – 1) Aging is something that is beyond our control, time passes and the face changes; 2) I punished myself for not being as beautiful as my mother. From birth they told me that I was the perfect copy of my father Bruce Willis and this led me to convince myself that I should not be loved because of my masculine appearance. How wrong I was! ”.

A strong coming out, with a bitter taste, from which emerges all the suffering she has experienced over the years for not feeling accepted, especially by herself. In the post Tallulah goes on with some considerations on the weight – enormous – that has acquired the appearance, especially since social media are so integral part of everyone's life and on the importance of taking care of oneself trying every day to love oneself more, however difficult. How? By reducing the presence of mirrors in the house and detaching from social networks on a personal level, limiting himself to following only those profiles of funny videos and memes.

And then: breathe deeply when everything seems to overwhelm you, carve out time with a nice hot bath and beauty products, walk outdoors and enjoy the company of people who love and understand you. These are the ingredients that, according to Tallulah, I can help to be more aware and to leave out all the hatred of others and above all the most severe judge: oneself.

And now, after this open-hearted confession, everything seems clearer, it seems to know her a little better and to understand the reason for so many of her mistakes and so many of her moments of difficulty: the problems with addictions, the eating disorders that have them caused constant fluctuations in weight.

Now Tallulah has learned to accept herself, to love herself. And perhaps it is also thanks to this newfound strength that she has also managed to love and be loved. It is no coincidence that the post came out at a happy moment, after the announcement of the engagement with her partner Dillon Buss and one year after another confession, the one in which she said: "I have not spoken to my mother for almost 3 years. But then through introspection I understood the therapeutic value of forgiveness and I finally accepted how magnetic its presence is in my life ".

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis

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