Belen and Antonino: love in the snow


Belen, day on the snow with family and his Antonino. And the video he publishes on Instagram is a hymn to love

The love between Belen and Antonino Spinalbese continues at full speed. By now the boy who stole the heart of the beautiful Argentine showgirl (here the photo story of their love), giving her a smile again after the last pains of love, has officially entered the family. Not only is he often seen with Santiago, but also with Rodriguez's parents.

Belen gave himself, and gave the whole family, a beautiful day in the snow, on snowshoes. Together with her the son, mother Veronica, father Gustavo and younger brother Jeremias (Cecilia is now fixed in Trentino, with her boyfriend Francesco Moser).

And the day in the woods has become the pretext to frame and immortalize their great love once again. Belen posted a video, on her Instagram account, where she and Antonino exchange a long kiss. “Amor en la nieve” writes Belù.

And while the followers are unleashed, among those who show doubts and perplexities about the veracity of their love, others who underline how Belen carries the designer bag even in the mountains, they, like the boys who love each other, "are not there for anyone" ( except for the mobile phone).

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