Belen and De Martino ready to conduct the DopoFestival

Belen and De Martino could soon arrive in Sanremo to conduct the DopoFestival

Not only love, Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino have become a close-knit couple even at work and soon could conduct the DopoFestival.

The two returned together a few months later after more than three years away. Passion and understanding are the same as many videos and photos posted on Instagram testify. A bond that continues even on the stage where Belen and Stefano have a strong harmony. The couple led the Notte della Taranta and, despite some uncertainty, gaffes and criticism, the test seems successful for the best.

The second appointment with the conducting will be at the Festival Di Castrocaro, where Rodriguez and De Martino will be joined by great names of the show like Simona Ventura and Paola Perego. However, their experience at the helm of a show might not stop there. According to some rumors released by the weekly Chi, in fact, Rai would be ready to entrust the two to the DopoFestival.

2020 will be the year of Amadeus, who will lead Sanremo for the first time and with him two new drivers could also arrive. Belen and Stefano would be on the list of possible conductors of the show that airs after the Festival to comment on songs and singers.

For now, the Argentine showgirl and the dancer have not commented. Certainly they have a solid training behind them, thanks to successful formats such as Amici and Tu Sì Che Vales, not to mention the positive experience of Pequenos Gigantes. In short, the couple seems to have all the credentials to reach the DopoFestival.

All that remains is to find out what will happen at the Castrocaro Festival. Will Belen and Stefano manage to bring back to the old splendor the show that in the past has discovered great talents like Zucchero and Fiorella Mannoia? The appointment is for September 3rd when the two lovers will go on stage.

Meanwhile, after the Ibiza sea, the parties and boat trips, De Martino and Rodriguez reached Switzerland where they are relaxing together with the little Santiago, between high-altitude walks, sports and good food.

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