Belen and De Martino: the first (passionate) kiss arrives on Instagram

Belen and De Martino: the first (passionate) kiss arrives on Instagram

Belen and De Martino indulge in passion on Instagram, sharing a video in which they kiss each other tenderly

It is now official: Belen and De Martino are back together and the first passionate kiss arrives on Instagram to seal the flashback.

A love that began behind the scenes of Amici, lived in the spotlight, amid scandals and gossip, crowned by the birth of little Santiago and the wedding. Then the farewell, which arrived suddenly in 2015, with an official release, the shadow of the betrayals and tears of Belen on TV, with the story of a love story that came to an end at the behest of the dancer.

Now all the pain seems to have vanished and love has finally returned, stronger than ever. To reveal the showgirl and the conductor of Made In Sud, who took a holiday in Morocco with their son. A journey that represented a new beginning for the couple, returned together. Today Belen and Stefano are in love and do nothing to hide it, after months of chases, stolen shots and gossip, they decided to come out on Instagram.

First with some posts published on their respective profiles, then with the video of a kiss that leaves no room for doubt. "Mas" wrote Belen, commenting on the clip in which he passionately kisses De Martino, while he added: "Only you" with a lot of heart.

Meanwhile, the couple's gossip continues and, according to the latest rumors, Rodriguez may be pregnant. To feed the doubt some clues left on Instagram, not only the video in which Stefano tenderly caresses her belly, in a gesture that many future parents make, but also a shot in which Belen seems to shyly hide the pregnancy.

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out the truth, certainly the arrival of a second child (desired by both) would mark a happy new beginning for the couple and the return of a love that has never ended and that never ceases to make people dream .

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino – Source: Instagram

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