Belen and Iannone, the tender embrace: the photo becomes viral

Belen and Iannone, the tender embrace: the photo becomes viral

The showgirl and the motorcyclist are increasingly in love. Now they form an established couple and the snap of the embrace drives fans crazy

Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, the love story

Since Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone are no longer hiding, they have decided to show the world how strong their love is. After the romantic weekend in the mountains of Merano, the biker posted a very tender shot on his Instagram profile.

The showgirl is seated at the table, while he hugs her tenderly from behind. The comment, however short, is very eloquent. A simple: "We".

Some time ago Iannone had told how he had known Belen. A casual meeting, during a dinner with friends. Their love story started a little by chance (the gossip was already circulating during the holidays in Ibiza), but it quickly turned into something important. In fact, the pilot said:

I am projected towards something that makes sense: the time for meaningless things is over for me.

If they are roses, they will bloom … What is certain is that there is also a good relationship with little Santiago who has accepted Mum Belen's new love very well.

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