Belen, break with Spinalbese before Christmas. And he celebrated with the ex

Belen, il Natale con l'ex

Belen and Antonino Spinalbese broke up before Christmas, and the showgirl spent the day of celebration with the ex

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen Rodriguez has never had linear and quiet love affairs, and even when things seem to be going well, her relationships come to an end. This time it would seem to have ended with Antonino Spinalbese, with whom he had a daughter, Luna Marì. The two apparently broke up officially shortly before Christmas, but things hadn’t been going well for a while. The air of crisis, in fact, was already in circulation, but Belen never loses heart and has equally spent a joyful Christmas, in the company of an ex.

Belen, Christmas with the ex after the break with Spinalbese

The air of crisis was already there, and it seems to be confirmed: Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese no longer form a couple, and the two would have left just before Christmas. An unusual Christmas, that of the showgirl, who showed herself alongside one of her former historians: Stefano De Martino.

As reported by the weekly Chi, in the company of the Rodriguez family during the Christmas holidays there was him, Stefano De Martino, father of his eldest son Santiago. The two broke up after a love story that made many people dream: loved but also hated, especially in the past for the way their love story began, which involved the singer Emma Marrone, betrayed by the former dancer , her boyfriend at the time. Stefano and Belen, contrary to what many would have expected, loved each other so much, got married, swore eternal love and built a beautiful family, despite the fact that it didn’t go according to plan and it ended too soon.

Yet, for a short time, there was talk of an old flashback between the showgirl and the former dancer, now TV presenter. Could Christmas together be proof of a little rapprochement between the two? Maybe, or maybe not. In fact, from two adults and who feel affection for each other, similar behavior is expected despite the separation. A child as glue, and the Christmas holidays spent together as a family as they always are and will always be, regardless of everything, also for the good of Santiago who seems to be a happy child surrounded by love, that of his parents and of their respective families.

Belen, misfortune in love and betrayal

Despite what it may seem, Belen doesn’t seem to be lucky in love. Beautiful, nice and intelligent, every love story she embarks on comes to an end. Yet Belen is a woman who, indisputably, has always shown great love for the people with whom she has been, in fact we always remember her with more or less lasting relationships. Is love not enough? Probable, but the reasons could be many and it is not certain that the author of the end of every relationship is her, so much so that Belen recently admitted the betrayal by an ex.

The news had come from her, who in some stories on Instagram had joked on the subject of betrayal. Between a smile and another, the bomb dropped with words that could not be misunderstood: “I think I have them. I will certainly have them, no one is saved from the horns ”.

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