Belen feeds the rumors of crisis with Antonino on Instagram


The showgirl shared a post on Instagram listing a number of reasons why it would be better to stay single: a sign after the rumors of crisis with Antonino

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese seemed to have found their balance after the birth of Luna Marì. But what seemed like a social strategy to recover each one’s autonomy as a character, today appears more and more like a deep crisis and to confirm this hypothesis there would also be the last story published by the showgirl on Instagram.

Belen single again, the cryptic post on Instagram

To feed the rumors about an alleged breakup between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, the same showgirl, who in one of her stories on Instagram has published what seems to be a real confirmation. It is a series of writings on a white background, with the first rather eloquent which reads: “Stay single“.

Then, in the following shots, he continues: “Stay single until you find that person who falls in love with you without explanation, he just does it and will never be able to explain in words how it happened if while he felt that strange effect you were just smiling. Stay single until you find that person who no, doesn’t give you his free time, but frees himself up time to be with you because one thing is ‘I miss you’ and another is ‘come down, I came to get you’ “.

And then again: “Stay single until you find someone who loves you so much that they can’t tell you, who writes to you ‘tell me when you are at home, even if I’m sleeping’, who cares because love is waiting, worry . Stay single until you find someone who loves you so much that they can’t tell you but only show it to you ”.

The post continues with other references to demonstrations of love until the final closure: “Stay single until you find that person who, together, is no longer afraid of the storm because he will dance with you in the rain and with a tear on his face, that you won’t notice because of the rain. He will tell you that you are the most beautiful thing he was not looking for, but which he hoped to find deep down ”.

Belen and Antonino, the signs of the crisis

For a few weeks there has been talk of a possible crisis between Belen and Antonino, after several fans had noticed that the two no longer appeared together on social media. Added to this were the rumors raised by some gossip experts, such as Deianira Marzano, according to which the situation would be quite serious: the Argentine showgirl would no longer even want to see her partner. “There have been no contacts for at least three weeks, so much so that the grandmother took over as help. Neighbors have been talking about arguing for at least two weeks, ”Deianira added in her Instagram stories.

Days later Antonino had published a photo with a sweet dedication to his daughter Luna Marì, born only a few months ago. But there was no trace of Belen.

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