Belen, flirting with Damiano from Måneskin. Voices chase each other

According to some rumors, Belen would have started dating Damiano David, leader of Måneskin. But the denial has already arrived

It seems that it is over between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese: the two, after a short period of crisis, would now have parted. But the beautiful Argentine, at least according to rumors, has already turned the page. In fact, it is rumored that he has found a new flame. He would be none other than Damiano David, the Måneskin frontman. The rumors, however, remained in the field of indiscretions, as the denial came from a font close to the Roman band.

Belen and Damiano David, flirting

The rumor involving Belen and Damiano has begun to circulate persistently on the web in the past few hours. It all would have started from a report arrived on the Instagram profile of Deianira Marzano, a very expert gossip influencer: she, among her stories, explained that she had received a message announcing the date between the two. The sender of this bombshell news would have an acquaintance who works behind the scenes of X Factor 2021, who would have known of an ongoing flirtation between the beautiful Argentine showgirl and the singer of Måneskin.

What is true in this indiscretion? It is a voice that has very few foundations: Damiano is in fact happily engaged to Giorgia Soleri, to whom he has remained close even in the most difficult moments – the influencer and model has recently undergone an operation due to endometriosis. Furthermore, it is impossible not to mention the thousands of commitments that see him involved with Måneskin: first a string of concerts throughout Europe, then the opening of the Rolling Stones event in Las Vegas and the victory at the MTV Ema 2021. When would he have found the time to start dating Belen?

The quick denial

It took just a few hours to get the denial from a source close to the band who, as reported by La Repubblica, would have hastened to deny any involvement of Damiano David towards Belen Rodriguez. The leader of the Måneskin, in fact, would have just returned to Italy after a period spent abroad and would not have materially had time to start a new acquaintance, of any kind, not even friendly.

Belen and Antonino in crisis

As for Belen, the story becomes more complicated. The showgirl became a mother only a few months ago: her little Luna Marì keeps her busy constantly and, as a great professional, she has never missed even a single business appointment, right from the moment after giving birth. Therefore, time would be a problem for her too. And then there is the question of Antonino Spinalbese. Between them everything went smoothly until a few weeks ago, when rumors about their alleged crisis began to spread.

The sudden absence of couple photos on the social profiles of both had raised some doubts, and the digs that the two exchanged on Instagram made everything more real. The short flight of love in Paris does not seem to have had any effect: someone has even already talked about the end of their coexistence. In short, it seems that something has broken between Belen and Antonino. Perhaps they are experiencing a difficult time, as happens to many couples after the arrival of a newborn that completely upsets the balance.

Or the passion has already died out. The two directly concerned have not yet wanted to comment, without confirming or denying the many rumors about them. So the rumors continue to circulate, and it is said that between them the cold has now fallen. Anyway, it seems really difficult that Belen has already been able to start dating Damiano. In short, it remains quite unlikely that the showgirl is setting up a relationship with the singer of Måneskin.

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