Belen increasingly distant from Antonino: the meeting with Marco Borriello

Belen Rodriguez

Belen is now far from Antonino Spinalbese: this is demonstrated by the meeting a few days before Christmas with the former historian Marco Borriello

Belen is increasingly distant from Antonino Spinalbese: the man with whom she seemed to have finally found that serenity she had been looking for for some time seems to have said goodbye forever. The two said goodbye just before Christmas, even though rumors of a crisis had been running around for months now. Rodriguez now seems to have reconnected with one of her former historians, with whom relations have always been serene.

Belen Rodriguez, friendship with Marco Borriello

At this moment Belen is in Uruguay together with her best friend Patrizia Griffini for a holiday of relaxation and fun: Rodriguez has in fact decided to break away from the usual routine and dedicate herself only to herself, especially after the troubled months. which marked the end of the love story with Antonino Spinalbese.

And while the showgirl has decided to spend a few days away from everything and everyone, her children are with their fathers: Santiago is with Stefano De Martino, who on Instagram never misses an opportunity to immortalize their moments together, and the same goes for Luna Marì, in the arms of Spinalbese, who dedicates wonderful words to her little girl on her profile. “Every day you teach me something”, he wrote accompanying two shots with her.

A few days before leaving for distant destinations, Belen however had a pleasant meeting, as evidenced by some shots of the weekly Chi: the beautiful Argentine ran into the former Marco Borriello, in the same restaurant where she was with her daughter Luna Marì. Their story has been over for many years now, so much so that today the two have a beautiful relationship: this is why Belen introduced the girl to her friend, showing how every proud mother her little one.

Borriello has always spent nice words for his ex: “It wasn’t love. It was a crush. As a young man, Belen was a bit superficial, but she has a giant heart and is a generous woman. In her eyes I see goodness and they shouldn’t attack her too much for her mistakes ”.

Belen, Christmas away from Antonino

It was an unusual Christmas for Belen Rodriguez, who spent the holidays away from the father of her daughter Luna Marì. Their crisis, now full-blown, has left room for affection for his family, with whom he has lived unique and unrepeatable moments.

In fact, the showgirl showed herself alongside one of her former historians, Stefano De Martino. As reported by the weekly Chi, in the company of the Rodriguez family during the Christmas holidays there was really him: it is not known whether it is a rapprochement, but as responsible parents they have decided to take a step towards each other.

After all, this and more for the good of their Santiago: Belen and Stefano have learned to leave hatred and grudges out of their relationship for the love of their firstborn. The Christmas holidays are sacred and so both have decided to give happy and carefree moments to their child, surrounded by the affection of his parents and their respective families.

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