Belen is single again: confirmation on Instagram after the meeting with De Martino

Belen Rodriguez

There are no more doubts: Belen and Antonino Spinalbese broke up. It was she who confirmed it in a story on Instagram

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

It’s over between Belen and Antonino Spinalbese. Although those directly involved have always wanted to beat the ground of discretion, the reality was there for all to see right away. However, the confirmation never really arrived, at least until it was she who intervened in a story on Instagram

Belen, with Spinalbese is over forever

To reveal how things really are is therefore the Argentine showgirl. Amused by the situation and intent on preparing a cake with her son Santiago, she let slip some words that sounded like a great confirmation: “Since mom is single, excuse me a moment, at least I have someone who cooks me”.

A moment of fun that included that truth that we have all been waiting for, therefore, and that she herself struggled to admit. The story with Spinalbese was in fact shipwrecked a few months after the birth of Luna Marì and, now, there is no room for love. Instead, there is a lot for her children, whom she takes care of without the help of anyone and to whom she is always close.

Returning from Uruguay where she spent a holiday, the beautiful Argentine showgirl is dedicating herself to her family, also because she is forced into quarantine by the rules imposed for the containment of the infection by Covid-19. And, the right occasion to reveal to everyone that she is single again, was one of the many stories that – every day – she shares on her official Instagram channel.

Belen finds Stefano De Martino

To make the many fans of Belen Rodriguez dream was the meeting with Stefano De Martino, her ex-husband and father of the son Santiago. The two were seen at Malpensa airport, on the day she returned from her holidays in South America. Nothing striking, mind you, but seeing them together has awakened something very beautiful that had remained hidden in some corner of the soul for a long time.

Belen’s weakness for the former dancer of Amici di Maria De Filippi and today presenter has never been a mystery. Despite the end of their love, in fact, the showgirl continued to nurture a great affection towards him and look for him on many occasions. The break with him appeared definitive in the months in which he was waiting for Luna Marì, when things with Spinalbese seemed to be going well. There was even talk of marriage, a proposal that then collapsed with the end of love in the name of which they conceived little Luna Marì.

The new chapter of her life, which opened after the end of her relationship with her daughter’s father, thus seems to include Stefano’s presence as well. He certainly did not hold back: when it comes to Belen, he is always willing to do anything. Seeing them together at Malpensa was almost a blow to the heart. Beautiful and smiling, they have shown that finding harmony is possible even though love ends. What remains, in addition to the memory of what one was, is also a wonderful son with whom they spend all their time.

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