Belen, mother complicit with Santiago: funny videos on Instagram

Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez in fiduciary quarantine is a full-time mother: sweet and funny, on Instagram she documents the moments of leisure

Belen Rodriguez is forced to stay at home due to a trust quarantine, but the showgirl does not seem to mind. The company, in fact, is definitely the best: her son Santiago De Martino and her daughter Luna Marì keep her company, and on Instagram there are many moments shared with fans in which she shows her more tender and even fun side, which surely it sews well on itself together with the other sides which make it a seductive and independent woman. With Santiago, above all, thanks to the age of the child, he spent some funny and tender moments, between question and answer and a simple game in the living room.

Belen Rodriguez, quarantine with her children is pure tenderness

Having recently returned from holidays in Argentina, her native land, the time has come for Belen Rodriguez to face a fiduciary quarantine in her apartment in Milan. In her company there are the little ones of the house, Santiago De Martino and Luna Marì Spinalbese, which make the days certainly challenging but also lighter, from some points of view.

Moments of absolute tranquility that exude love in every way: on Instagram, the videos with little Santiago are truly ironic and full of tenderness. The child, who is now eight years old and shows himself confident in front of the room and able to stand up to a confrontation made of jokes and irony with his mother, admits to using the internet during the day (for about two hours overall), underlining however that her mother has been online for much longer, as if to scold her. Belen smiles, she enjoys this moment of jokes between her and her son, and then devotes herself with him to a simple but fun game. A little music in the air and a slightly deflated orange balloon that the two throw at each other in turn trying to hit each other and make a “goal” making sure that the balloon then falls to the ground.

Belen smiles, dances to the notes of the song In the old farm, with her soul that seems to be perpetually inhabited by an eternal child, capable of having fun and spending simple but unique moments with the people she loves.

Belen Rodriguez, who is now in her heart

Between fiduciary quarantine and the role of full-time mother, it seems that Belen Rodriguez may not have room for love. Yet something seems to be boiling in the pot, but nothing official for the moment.

Recently released from the relationship with Antonino Spinalbese, father of little Luna Marì, some voices have already made the rounds to approach her with someone else at her side. First Andrea Morrone, with whom she had been spotted at dinner, but then the attention returned to an old flame of the showgirl. More than a flame, we can call it true love. This is Stefano De Martino, with whom he lived much more than a forgettable story. The two would have spent Christmas together, and for someone who claims they are on good terms by having a child together, someone else would be betting on a real flashback. In the meantime, however, our Belen will have to deal with quarantine for a while.

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