Belen pregnant, social hatred and her right to be happy

Belen pregnant, social hatred and her right to be happy

The news of Belen pregnant has aroused, even before congratulations, criticism and perfidious allusions. Did we really get that low?

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, the story of their love

The news of Belen pregnant with her partner Antonino aroused, even before the congratulations, allusions and bad comments on the fact that they had been together for a few months. Did we really get that low? To the point where the news of a pregnancy, which should always be greeted with joy, is crushed by envy and malice regardless?

Belen is 5 months pregnant with Antonino, her new partner. Belen and Antonino have been together since the end of summer, they came out in the open around September. Belen got pregnant almost immediately, she herself confessed in the interview with Chi. On the other hand, that the showgirl had always wanted a second child was no mystery, and with the arrival of the "great" love, the unexpected love at first sight, and above all he too in favor of starting a family, he didn't think twice.

You can more or less agree on the upstream decision, but see and read comments on social media in which, abacus in hand, the months and weeks are reckoned to prove that she got pregnant the same day she got it. known, or even before, and throwing poison, publicly insinuating that children do not do themselves "just for" (a concept that is absolutely acceptable, but who says it should apply to her too?), causes immense sadness.

In the interview with Belen, they ask her if she feels ready to receive an avalanche of criticism, at the news of her pregnancy (this is also disconcerting: take it for granted), and she replies: "Yes, of course, now I am also dealing with this, so I closed myself in silence. For years I have been judged and I suffer, anyone would prefer to have a compliment rather than a heavy criticism ”.

Yet we are sure that if a showman had given the news of a pregnancy, even in the first months of the relationship, the same uproar would not have been created. But Belen is a woman. And it's Belen: admired but envied at the same time. And as such, he has to pay the price of his happiness.

What then to say it all: the same ones who started with the calculator in hand to make the days of pregnancy, to be subtracted from those of the relationship, would employ the same dedication and precision to calculate how many and how the funds of the Recovery Fund will be allocated , they would do the community a favor.

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