Belen replies to Instagram haters: because her reaction is to be admired

Belen replies to Instagram haters: because her reaction is to be admired

Rodriguez replied to haters who criticized her for her love story on Instagram

Belen Rodriguez has once again given a lesson in elegance to the haters who never miss an opportunity to criticize her on social media. It all started with a photo that the showgirl shared on Instagram: a simple shot in the elevator in the company of her boyfriend Antonino Spinalbese, who kisses her softly on the cheek.

In support of the post a sweet dedication to the companion: "I love you so much!". What might have seemed like a tender post was actually yet another opportunity to throw mud on the Argentine showgirl. So he wanted to respond – with great elegance – to all those who have left a negative comment under his photo:

I posted a picture last night with my partner and I read some alluncinating things. First of all my jacket was criticized because I was covered: so if I discover myself because I discover myself, if I cover myself because I cover myself! Let's say everyone dresses as they want during the day.

But his reply did not end there: because in addition to his clothing, his story with the hairstylist Antonino Spinalbese, who will soon become the father of little Luna Marì for the first time, will also end up in the crosshairs of hater reviews. So Belen replied to one of the comments that bothered her most, "You change men like underwear":

I wanted to clarify that I change my underwear often… and luckily! My private life, who I choose to be with, who I choose to spend my life with, is absolutely my business.

Rodriguez's reaction is to be admired: with great class she silenced all the criticisms, defending the love story that returned her smile after the disappointment and pain of the end of her marriage with Stefano De Martino.

In the meantime, Belen's tummy grows, as does the desire to hug the baby she carries in her womb: Luna Marì will be born this summer, and meanwhile Rodriguez enjoys every moment of this beautiful pregnancy with Santiago, who will soon become an older brother and obviously with her beloved.

"I had stopped believing in love. Today I want it to last forever, I will never find a person like Antonino again ”, told Verissimo's guest.

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