Belen Rodriguez, an indelible love: Antonino's romantic tattoo

Belen Rodriguez, an indelible love: Antonino's romantic tattoo

Antonino Spinalbese and the new tattoo for Belen Rodriguez: an indelible dedication from a man more and more in love

Belen in the Maldives: bikini, baby bump and Antonino Spinalbese

The love story between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese proceeds at full speed. A relationship that becomes stronger and stronger, sealed by many unforgettable moments spent together and in which there is never lack of sweetness, passion but also a good dose of laughter and fun. The handsome Antonino, more and more in love, has decided this time to make a special dedication to his Belen.

Not a poem, nor a tender photo of a couple. Antonino wanted to make his love for his partner indelible by getting a special tattoo. He shared it on his Instagram profile and the fans – as expected – literally went crazy: a real small work of art peeped out on his left forearm, a drawing of Cupid and Psyche hovering lightly in the air. Love holds her beloved Psyche in her arms and, with her large wings, carries her up into the sky in an embrace that smells of love and legend.

Antonino Spinalbese accompanied the two photos with a caption that explains to the followers the story of the mythological characters, protagonists of the tattoo:

“There were a king and a queen in a city. Thus begins the legend that tells the story of Cupid and Psyche … Psyche was beautiful, her grace and splendor were such as to attract the envy of Venus (Goddess of beauty) who, to get revenge, decided to ask her son Love for help (Cupid)."

A very special gesture, that of the handsome Antonino, who will certainly have made Belen happy more than ever. They are one of the most close-knit couples who have seen each other for some time now and, despite the age difference and the many detractors who do not stop criticizing them, they continue undeterred to live their love to three hundred and sixty degrees. And they do great.

Without forgetting the most beautiful thing for two beautiful lovers like them: soon their family will expand with the arrival of Luna Marì and there is no greater joy. An indescribable emotion that we recently saw in the eyes of the future father who, at the sight of the baby's ultrasound, was unable to hold back the emotion.

Antonino does not often express himself about Belen and prefers to keep his most intimate feelings in his heart. But we can't forget the wonderful words he recently spent on the Argentine showgirl: “I was very lucky. Belen threw out what I had inside of me, she believed in me. She gave me the courage to throw myself. It gave me the grit. And I will always thank you. He stole my heart and mind “.

Antonino Spinalbese tattoo

Antonino Spinalbese shows on Instagram the romantic tattoo dedicated to Belen Rodriguez

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