Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, romantic getaway in Trentino

The showgirl and her champion decided to spend a few days alone in the mountains. The social photos of their vacation went viral

Belen and Iannone, holidays in Trentino

After making their love story official, Belen and Iannone decided to escape from their busy life and take refuge in an enchanting place to spend a few days together, away from everyone. Indeed, it is the first time that the two are on vacation alone. This summer, when their love story began, they were surrounded by friends and relatives in Ibiza. Even Stefano De Martino, the ex-husband of the showgirl, was there.

Belen and Andrea have decided to remain alone in the mountains of Trentino, in a fairytale chalet in San Luis di Avelengo a few kilometers from Merano, with a lake and 40 hectares of woods. The showgirl and the motorcyclist however wanted to share their mini vacation with the fans, publishing on their social profiles a series of photos and videos to be envied. Bike excursions in the middle of nature, among the cows, while Rodriguez encourages her champion to "rear up".

The showgirl got a shower of likes with the selfie of her profile while meditating on the wooden terrace of her house. And to arouse a little envy, here is a photo of a table set for breakfast or Iannone while he is intent on using ice cream at the rich buffet.

But the most successful shot is the one published by the motorcyclist while he is in the bathroom and behind him appears Belen who is immortalizing his stem in the mirror. Iannone's comment is significant: "And then she comes …"

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