Belen Rodriguez and Antonio Spinalbese get the same tattoo: goodbye to Stefano De Martino

Belen Rodriguez e Antonio Spinalbese si fanno lo stesso tatuaggio: addio a Stefano De Martino

Belen Rodriguez forgets Stefano De Martino is serious with Antonio Spinalbese: the two get the same tattoo

Belen Rodriguez gets serious with Antonio Spinalbese after leaving Stefano De Martino and the two get a couple tattoo. The Argentine showgirl seems more determined than ever to forget her ex-husband and continue her life with her new love. In the Instagram Stories, the Argentine showgirl has published a video in which the two are in a tattoo studio together with friends Salvatore Angelucci, Alessandra Gallocchio, Mattia Ferrari and Mattia Petrilli.

The group decided to tattoo the word “Chupito” to remember the trip to Ibiza. The term indicates a glass of liqueur to drink in one gulp. A word that indicates lightheartedness and the desire to smile. It is not the first time that Rodriguez has decided to crown her dream of love with a tattoo. In the past Fabrizio Corona had dedicated a tattoo to her, shortly after Andrea Iannone had engraved the name “Belen” on the skin. Among the most important tattoos made by Belen is the one dedicated to her ex-husband Stefano De Martino, colorful and rather large, which she had had to remove after the farewell.

Now the Argentine showgirl seems determined to go on with her life and she does it with a tattoo that establishes the bond with Antonio Spinalbese. The time spent in Ibiza with the Milanese hairstylist was important for the model who, thanks to him, started smiling again. The understanding between the two is growing every day so much that, according to some rumors, the model would have closed the door to a flashback with Stefano. “If today I find myself in the situation I find myself in, it is also because of my sense of justice – he said some time ago -, because I don't want to be in a non-real life where people tell each other in one way and act differently. This is true in all fields because I am a smart, sensitive person, and I no longer have space or patience for those who do not use their heart. I'm full of flaws, but I keep my word, I never let anyone down, and if I can't keep a promise, I don't. Even in love, if I make a promise, I carry it forward, but I didn't write “silly” on the forehead ”.

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