Belen Rodriguez, bitter words about Stefano De Martino: "I have no more space for those who do not use their hearts"

Stefano De Martino, vacanze in barca senza Belen Rodriguez: la crisi continua

Belen Rodriguez speaks for the first time officially about the end with Stefano De Martino. "If I make a promise, I carry it on, but I haven't written stupid on my forehead"

Belen Rodriguez lets himself go for the first time since his break with Stefano De Martino, revealing all the bitterness for this finished relationship. He no longer wants to trust those who don't use their hearts. While acknowledging her shortcomings, one thing is for sure, she has never disappointed anyone once she has given her word.

After the outbursts and half-phrases on Instagram, Belen Rodriguez decided to speak officially in a long interview with the weekly Chi. Now the showgirl carries only one person in her heart, her son Santiago. Obviously too big the disappointment felt with De Martino, today more than ever concentrated on the job, his transmission Made in Sud is proving to be a great success.

Belen, on the other hand, shows in this delicate moment of her private life her most intimate side, her being a mother: “Santiago is my true love and for me, as a mother, she is the perfect son, the one I have always dreamed of having. Maybe if I weren't Belen I would already have three children, but, partly for the work I do and partly for the situations in life, I'm so happy. And then I think that today there is no "peaceful life" for anyone: people have few children also because relationships last less, people are focused on themselves, so having a child is already an act of love that it takes us out of our selfishness ”.

The showgirl confesses that she is not a model mother and does not hide the difficulties: "I don't think I can win the model mother award, I am not one who wakes up at dawn to plan the whole day of her son. The other day I asked Santiago: "Is there anything I can do to improve? What would you like me to change? ", And he replied:" No, perfect moms don't exist, real moms exist and you are real. " It filled my heart because I dedicated myself a lot to him. I have never had nannies, I have my mom who lives near my house, is a teacher, has a lot of patience and often helps me: I can say that my son has never slept with a person who was not a family member. And then the Italian mothers are very organized, while I, not having this talent, suddenly ”.

The family is very important to Belen and she did not miss her support in such a complicated time for her. His brother Jeremias took his defenses in this crisis with Stefano, a crisis which however seems not to be due to the interference of too bulky relatives, but to a precise choice of the dancer who realized he had different objectives from what he is now his ex.

Meanwhile, Belen faces the delicate private moment in which she finds herself with strength. “If today I am in the situation I am in, it is also because of my sense of justice, because I don't want to be in a non-real life where people tell themselves in one way and act differently. This is true in all fields because I am a smart, sensitive person, and I no longer have space or patience for those who do not use their hearts. I am full of flaws, but I keep my word, I never disappoint anyone and, if I can't keep a promise, I don't. Even in love if I make a promise I carry it on, but I didn't write "fool" in the forehead ".

And then he adds: “Think about how many boyfriends I will have now! [like Mattia Ferrari's case], then The fact of always having paparazzi behind me embarrasses me, because I always feel compelled to explain why I am in a place with that certain person. Those who love me tell me to stop justifying myself, but I want to do it because I don't want to be taken for someone who lives lightly: on the contrary, I'm so mental before letting go. Then I am one who goes out to dinner, who dances, who has fun: but I don't want to be taken as one who does not reflect or does not suffer ".

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