Belen Rodriguez celebrates her 36 years with Antonio Spinalbese, absent De Martino

Belen and Stefano De Martino in crisis, Jeremias Rodriguez's message on Instagram

At the birthday party of Belen Rodriguez present the new love Antonio Spinalbese, while Stefano De Martino is not there

Belen Rodriguez celebrates her 36 years with Antonio Spinalbese, while the big absentee at the party is Stefano De Martino. After the farewell to the conductor of Made In Sud, the Argentine showgirl has found the smile next to the hairstylist and the love story between the two is proceeding at full speed. After the summer of love in Ibiza, Belen returned to Milan and went out into the open with Antonio.

He was also there at the party organized on the occasion of his 36th birthday, which Rodriguez chose to celebrate in style. The showgirl rented a villa surrounded by greenery where she welcomed friends and walls for a lunch and an afternoon full of wild dancing and laughter. Present Veronica Cozzani, the model's beloved mother, her brother Jeremias and Cecilia, accompanied by Ignazio Moser with whom the calm returned after a summer of crisis. In the group photos, in a white t-shirt and jeans, Antonio Spinalbese also appears, smiling next to Belen.

Great absent Stefano De Martino who also preferred silence on Instagram, avoiding commenting on the event or sending messages. The former Amici dancer has left the house where he lived with his wife and Santiago to move into a new apartment with the dog Choco. The love story between the conductor and the showgirl seems to be definitively archived. One year after the sensational return of the flame, Belen and Stefano have chosen to divide their paths again. It is difficult to understand what really happened, but according to some rumors it was De Martino, after the long quarantine, who left Rodriguez. Shortly thereafter the presenter would regret her decision, but she would not forgive him.

Back on TV with Tu Sì Que Vales, the showgirl seems to have found her smile after a difficult period. Summer for her was full of love and the attempt to turn the page. First the flirtation with Gianmaria Antinolfi, then the acquaintance with Antonio Spinalbese, met thanks to his longtime friend, Patrizia Griffini. In just a few weeks, the hairstylist managed to break through the heart of the model who now seems determined to go on her way and look to the future with her new love, without looking back.

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