Belen Rodríguez: "Costanzo's interview is false, you will pay"

Belen Rodríguez: "Costanzo's interview is false, you will pay"

After the declarations of Maurizio Costanzo, Belen unleashes itself by saying that it would be "all false"

Belen Rodriguez is not there and, after the declarations of Maurizio Costanzo in which the journalist advised her to go abroad, attacks the director of "Nuovo", Riccardo Signoretti. In the interview with Maurizio Costanzo, who appeared in the gossip weekly, Maria De Filippi's husband talked about the relationship with Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez. "Personally I advise Belen to move abroad and remove the disturbance – reads the article dedicated to Costanzo – of not breaking the boxes anymore. It is not that every two minutes we can discuss the loves of Belen: who cares? And anyway we feel closer to Stefano De Martino ".

Heavy words, which the Argentinian showgirl has not digested and which according to her would be the result of the imagination of journalists, ready to make news even with false statements. "Signoretti has already taken a thousand complaints for false statements – explained Belen, angry at what happened -. Sooner or later he will pay that so-called journalist. "

Immediate the replica of Signoretti, who on his Instagram profile published an image in which Belen Rodriguez appears with Maurizio Costanzo in the episode of "The Interview". "I read on certain Internet sites – wrote the editor of the newspaper – that Belén Rodriguez denied the interview with Maurizio Costanzo published by Nuovo (" Belen, I suggest you move abroad and not break the boxes anymore ")".

"I note – continues Signoretti in the post – that: 1. The only person entitled to deny this interview is Maurizio Costanzo, who has denied nothing.
2. I confirm word by word the content of the interview published in Nuovo, including the part in which Costanzo declares that he and Maria De Filippi feel closer to Stefano than to Belén. 3. I understand that the Argentine soubrette that interview can be annoying, but slandering the undersigned on her Instagram page does not change its content or its effects ".

The words of Maurizio Costanzo reported by "Nuovo" had caused much discussion and, apparently, they particularly hurt Argentina. Maria De Filippi's husband has not denied his statements, despite being decidedly strong, and for the moment has not replied in any way. We'll see what happens now that the clash between Belen and Signoretti has moved to social media.

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