Belen Rodriguez defends Fabrizio Corona: "I cried for him"

Belen Rodriguez defends Fabrizio Corona: "I cried for him"

Belen Rodriguez tells her anguish for Fabrizio Corona, revealing that she was shocked by what happened to the former partner

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Belen Rodriguez defends Fabrizio Corona after the former king of the paparazzi was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the Niguarda hospital in Milan. The 46-year-old was transported to hospital after self-harming when police went to his home to take him back to prison.

Rodriguez and Corona have been linked for three years. An overwhelming love and a bond that, despite the farewell in 2013, never broke. In fact, Fabrizio and Belen have remained in contact and in the past have been paparazzi together, demonstrating how, despite the love story is over, the affection has remained. For this reason, the showgirl confessed that she was very shocked in front of the images of the former partner posted on Instagram. "I cried a lot – he revealed to Adnkronos – it seems to me that he is no longer lucid, he is no longer well and is a person who needs help".

"I'm not saying that those who make a mistake must necessarily be helped – he added -, but prison or sentences must rehabilitate the human being in some way. Taking him to jail doesn't seem like the solution. Instead of jail for me they had to make him pay a very large sum for all the financial damages he committed. This person needs to be treated, you can see on Instagram that he is not well. The gesture he made yesterday was a clear request for help ”. The model then spoke of Corona's choice to violate house arrest. “If you tell Fabrizio not to go out and not to direct on Instagram, he can't do it but not because he wants to go back to prison – he explained -, but because he has some problems that need to be treated in some way. They could put him in a position not to make direct on Instagram and not to let him leave the house, but really! If you let him free he does as he pleases, he is not a person capable of following the rules ”.

Today Belen, after the love for Corona and the marriage ended with Stefano De Martino, has finally found happiness. The showgirl is expecting the second child from her boyfriend Antonino Spinalbese. An overwhelming love, arrived a few months after the break with the conductor of Made in Sud, father of the eldest son Santiago. The little one, who will arrive in the next few months, will be called Luna Marie.

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