Belen Rodriguez, escape to Ibiza with Mattia Ferrari. And an unexpected comment arrives on Instagram

The beautiful Belen doesn't stop: after the first filming of Tu Sì Que Vales returns to Ibiza with her best friend. And on Instagram appears an arrow to De Martino

If there is a story that is inflaming the hearts of fans of the news, that is certainly the story between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino. The couple who until a few months ago seemed destined for a second wedding (and second child) unfortunately broke out. And the outbreak brings with it extraordinary attention to the actions of both.

The latest developments are not the best: recently, in fact, the two met in Milan, in the most absolute frost. The reason for the meeting was the assignment of Santiago da Belen, who was to return to work for Tu Sì Que Vales, to De Martino, who instead is temporarily on break after the end of Made In Sud.

The reasons for this polar cold that reigns between the two and even led them not to say goodbye have never been truly disclosed, but they could really be many: they range from Belen's suspicions of treason to De Martino's doubts about the entourage of the presenter. In short, the picture is not the best.

It is therefore not surprising that Belen wants to be light and enjoy the summer. Thus, after the first filming of Tu Sì Que Vales, the showgirl fled back to Ibiza with her best friend Mattia Ferrari and there are those who rumor that she will soon meet Gianmaria Antinolfi again, who had already joined her in Ibiza.

As it is, as it is not, it can still be said that Rodriguez is giving fans many pieces of her life and is also sharing breathtaking shots that enhance her beauty. And just under one of these shots came an unexpected arrow to De Martino, that of the actress Ilenia Lazzarin of Un Posto al Sole:

De Martino is a madman!

So wrote Lazzarin under a really beautiful black and white photo of Rodriguez. A completely unexpected comment that made a lot of discussion and that divided the fans, but that certainly wanted to be a compliment for Belen.

However, neither Belen nor Stefano answered the comment. The presenter is trying to be as direct as possible in the references to the ex-husband, while he, for his part, has closed in a significant silence, dedicating for now every free moment to little Santiago.

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