Belen Rodríguez fired by the fashion company after 3 years

Belen Rodríguez fired by the fashion company after 3 years

After three years and a million dollar contract, Belen Rodriguez was fired by a well-known fashion company

Problems at work for Belen Rodriguez, who would have lost a contract with a famous fashion company that would have decided to dismiss her on the spot. The Argentine showgirl was chosen by the brand as a testimonial. The collaboration, apparently paid handsomely, would have been abruptly interrupted and Belen Rodriguez would have been fired. The reasons for this decision are not yet clear, nor is the name of the fashion company that decided to put Argentina at the door, even if Belen was the testimonial of a brand for a long time.

Despite this small hitch, the work for Belen Rodriguez is going full steam ahead, especially on television, where he will soon be leading several programs. The Argentine showgirl was chosen by Antonio Ricci as the new presenter of Striscia la Notizia paired with Michelle Hunziker, while on September 23 we will see her again at Tu Si Que Vales. Belen will present the show with Simone Rugiati, accompanied by judges Mara Venier, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti, Maria De Filippi and the new entry Teo Mammucari. Finally soon it should return to Pequenos Gigantes, a show conducted last year with Stefano De Martino.

Meanwhile, love also seems to be going very well. After the end of the marriage with Stefano De Martino, Belen Rodriguez would have fallen in love with Andrea Iannone. The MotoGP driver and the showgirl were spotted more than once together, first in Ibiza, then in London and Santorini, and finally in Milan, where they would go to live in her apartment (even though Rodriguez continues to deny the existence of a story). And Marco Borriello? Apparently the backfire that was so much talked about, despite the photos of kisses and tenderness in Ibiza, there was no, and the player returned to Cagliari, leaving Belen in Iannone's arms.

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