Belen Rodriguez: from Costanzo tears and truth about Iannone, De Martino and Corona

Belen Rodriguez was a guest of Maurizio Costanzo in the program "L'Intervista" where he spoke of Stefano De Martino, Andrea Iannone and Fabrizio Corona

Belen Rodriguez: the most beautiful, official and social images

Belen Rodriguez has decided to put himself to the test, telling his life, his loves and career to Maurizio Costanzo in the program "The Interview", broadcast on Canale Cinque in the late evening. After Wanna Marchi, Giorgio Napolitano and Fabrizio Corona, Costanzo decided to host Belen Rodriguez in his living room.

To make Argentina cry, unlike what was previously imagined, it was the little Santiago. A series of photos and videos of Belen Rodriguez together with her son with Stefano de Martino, moved the showgirl. "Santiago is my life – Rodriguez said in tears – this continues to be my great wound," explained Belen, revealing that he is sad that his son, so small, can no longer see the two parents together .

"I often think about it. Needless to hide it – said the showgirl, speaking of the farewell to Stefano De Martino – I have no regrets though, because I did everything to keep this family together. He was the one who left me ". It was precisely that wound that was still open to push Belen Rodriguez to ask not to see the images that told her love story with the dancer. "I don't want to cry," he explained.

"Have you ever thought that you could come back together?" Asked Maurizio Costanzo and Belen Rodriguez's answer was not long in coming

I tried really hard. And I came to understand that I couldn't do anything anymore. I became sweet, mom, tr ** a. At one point, after suffering so much, I decided to turn off the switch. Today I no longer think of returning with him.

The Argentine showgirl then admitted to being in love with Andrea Iannone, the biker with whom she has had an affair for a few months:

Today I am in love with another. But I no longer want to tell my love stories in public. I found a person who gives me everything they never gave me. He did not replace Stefano, however, because with him love and complicity had been over for some time.

The interview with Maurizio Costanzo started with an overview of the career of the Argentine showgirl and the link with gossip. "If the gossip hadn't existed, would you still be in Argentina?" The presenter asked him. "The world of entertainment is like that – answered Belen Rodriguez – that's my life. I am not a person who organizes things and makes calculations ”.

Argentina then denied the alleged story with Rossano Rubicondi on The Island of the Famous, claiming that it had never betrayed Marco Borriello. "He was my first love – said Belen – but I always felt dependent on someone and I didn't want".

Another hot topic is the love for Fabrizio Corona. "I suspect that Corona has never forgotten you," began Maurizio Costanzo. Belen Rodriguez admitted that the two still feel and said they had good memories of their relationship. "I know who he is and I know what problems he has, but I remember him with great affection. I am so sorry that he has been arrested again – explained the Argentinian showgirl – he is a masochist and has lost the loyal people he had beside him “.

"He really combined me a lot," Rodriguez said, referring to questions of money. "I loved him, but I couldn't take it anymore." "We must accept things," explained Belen, who confirmed once again that he did not want to return with Stefano De Martino. "It's part of the past – just like Corona – now I'm happy".

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