Belen Rodriguez: from the psychologist to metabolize divorce

Belen Rodriguez: from the psychologist to metabolize divorce

Facing the summer with a free mind: the showgirl Belen Rodriguez relies on a psychologist to overcome the divorce from Stefano De Martino

Facing the summer with a free mind: the Argentine showgirl has entrusted a psychologist to metabolize and overcome the divorce from the dancer Stefano De Martino and finally return to smiling. The divorce between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, declared through a press release signed by her in the distant winter of 2015, has been the subject of gossip for months. Today, the Argentine showgirl, has decided to open her heart to the fans admitting that the separation was certainly not a walk. Indeed, it is not easy to overcome the pain of a farewell and the suffering of separation. The decision, taken by mutual agreement, was suffered by both sides especially for the good of little Santiago, the result of their love of only 3 years of age.

Addressing with the right tenacity an important step in one's life as separation is never easy and Belen has not made it alone, she has chosen to rely on a specialist, a real request for help to be able to overcome the trauma . She chatted and confronted herself for months with a psychologist, opening up and discovering step by step the perfect formula to go back to being the sunny and cheerful woman we know through the TV screen and our smartphones.

The large group of friends and the wonderful Rodriguez family has always been ready to support it but in these cases the help of someone who sees the situation from the outside with a scientific eye may be the best solution to drive away the demons and anxieties of the past forever.

Belen therefore wanted to reveal a more intimate and reserved part of her, different from the one we imagine behind the provocative but always smiling selfies: she needed to rediscover her strength as a woman, now she declares that she feels good, that she has found calm and serenity he had lost.

Today Belen is in Ibiza, enjoying her well-deserved summer: between sexy tans and alleged flashbacks (already denied via social networks) the showgirl has regained her balance. Finally Belen smiles and is ready to deal tenaciously with all the gossip and criticisms to which she is continually exposed.

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