Belen Rodriguez, gaffe on Instagram: she shows the shoes, but the photo is from someone else

Belen Rodriguez, gaffe on Instagram: she shows the shoes, but the photo is from someone else

Gaffe of Belen Rodriguez on Instagram: the showgirl posted a photo, showing some shoes, but in reality it was not hers

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese, the story of their love

Gaffe on Instagram for Belen Rodriguez who posted a photo showing her shoes. In reality, as was later revealed, it was the image of a Russian model. "On my shoes", wrote the showgirl in the caption, publishing a shot in which she revealed two feet wearing black pumps. However, the post immediately sparked some controversy and the followers accused Belen of not being her. “The photo is not yours,” someone wrote, pointing out Maya Zoboshta's profile.

The Russian model posted the same photo on her Instagram profile a year ago. Soon after, the 25-year-old model stepped in. In the Instagram Stories she claimed to be the owner of the image and commented: "These are my legs and my shoes, thank you for your support". A few hours later he added: “But it's nice when a blogger with more than 9 million followers passes off your photos as hers”. Finally he showed a new image of the shoes, showing that it is in fact his own.

Belen Rodriguez did not comment on what happened and many fans are convinced that she simply wanted to show the folllowers a photo she liked. For now, the showgirl seems willing to enjoy the days with her boyfriend Antonio Spinalbese with whom she found her smile after leaving Stefano De Martino. The marriage between the showgirl and the dancer came to an end one year after the unexpected and intense return of the flame.

"Relationships are consumed, feelings are put to the test by these fast times – he recently told the weekly magazine Chi – […] It no longer makes sense to say the marriage has 'failed', I say that in the best case scenario it is 'accomplished' and it is something beautiful that has been there and the children are proof of this. But every love story has a beginning and an end and it is not a failure, we must make peace with this vision and not use such a negative term. It is difficult for a marriage to last for a lifetime – he added – and, for this reason, I have changed my point of view, and I would like to tell those who are in my situation and, moreover, with children, therefore with a further sense of guilt ".

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