Belen Rodriguez, Garrison worried about Stefano De Martino

Divorce Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, appointment in court

Stefano De Martino is sad and disconsolate, suffering from the separation from Belen and his son Santiago. To reveal it is his fellow dancer

Belen Rodriguez, all her loves

Stefano De Martino just can't forget his ex-wife Belen Rodriguez who is now living another love story with Andrea Iannone. Some time ago De Martino said he was still in love with the Argentine showgirl. Although she in turn revealed to Maurizio Costanzo that her ex-husband was engaged.

Whatever the case, poor Stefano is really down in the dumps. Garrison Rochelle also noticed that, worried about his fellow dancer, he revealed during an interview with Parliamone Saturday the difficult moment that De Martino is experiencing:

But can't they be in love, but separated?

And he adds that the problem is perhaps another and concerns the sense of the family:

In my opinion, the problem is another. I see Stefano every day, he is quite low every now and then, we frequent the same places and I see him on his. He has a little sadness on him, but my thought is that he feels sorry for one thing: the family, the child. He as a good Neapolitan is sorry for the family, I see that. You feel sorry for a three year old boy asking about dad.

Garrison can't help but see how much Stefano suffers from this separation, perhaps even more from little Santiago than from Belen.

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