Belen Rodriguez has fun in Ibiza and Stefano De Martino chooses silence

Belen Rodriguez in crisi con Stefano De Martino: perché si sono allontanati

Belen Rodriguez finds a smile in Ibiza, while Stefano De Martino chooses silence

Belen Rodriguez has fun in Ibiza, while Stefano De Martino chooses to remain silent. The two lovers are increasingly distant and the possibility of a reconciliation seems to vanish. In recent days, Belen has made it clear that she is not willing to forgive her ex-husband after yet another goodbye. The Argentine showgirl responded in her own way to Maria De Filippi who had feared the hypothesis of a flashback.

"Stefano is a very special guy – he revealed to Gente, speaking of the former Amici dancer -, he has the ability to make up for the unforgivable, he did it with me too: he had also had an affair with another dancer Friends, he has combined to sell me … This time with Belén I don't know how it will end, but it may be that they will get back together, with him you never know. Because Stefano makes a disaster and then he arrives with that face there, with that smile there, with that spoken one and you forgive him ”.

Immediate reaction of Belen who first performed at karaoke, changing the text of My story between the fingers of Gianluca Grignani in: "Remember a man, sometimes, he should also be forgiven – no", then he had published a video in which claimed to be very happy. These days the showgirl has returned to Ibiza where she is relaxing with her family and friends. In Instagram Stories, Argentina has published a video in which she has fun with her friend Patrizia Griffini, chatting, dancing and swimming in the pool.

Belen seems determined to leave the farewell to Stefano behind, while De Martino is increasingly silent on social media, but prefers to entrust her thoughts to photos of the moon and shots of Saentiago. In fact, the couple's son is spending these days with his father, after a cold meeting between the showgirl and the conductor.

“I am full of defects, but I keep my word – Belen had said a few weeks ago on the pages of the weekly Chi -, I never disappoint anyone and, if I can't keep a promise, I don't. Even in love, if I make a promise, I carry it forward, but I didn't write "silly" on the forehead ".

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