Belen Rodriguez, how it changed thanks to the alleged retouching

Belen Rodriguez, how it changed thanks to the alleged retouching

The Argentine showgirl would have given some adjustments to her face, décolleté and side B. At least judging from the photos of a few years ago

Belen Rodriguez, all the tweaks

Belen Rodriguez is certainly one of the most fascinating women on the showbiz. But according to the well-informed, so much beauty is not only a gift of Mother Nature. Cleverly, the Argentine showgirl would have resorted to the help of the botox and the plastic surgeon (unlike Kylie Minogue who at 48 years prefers shock wave sessions).

In fact, if you compare the photos of when the beautiful Belen was 20 years old there is some change. To make his smile more appealing, a good dentist intervened who made the arch of the mouth perfect. Although some fans criticize the showgirl's teeth, judging them to be too large. Even the lips have swelled over the years. Merit of the bites?

It seems there have also been operations on the nose and cheekbones that are far too high and sculpted.

As for the décolleté, it seems that Belen has resorted to silicone to increase curves. The malignant ones, confirming the intervention, point out that her breasts remained identical despite the pregnancy. Finally also the B side, which this summer in Ibiza has sent the followers of the showgirl into raptures, has undergone some wise repairs.

What do you say? Browse the photogallery.

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