Belen Rodriguez: how tall is she? And what is its weight?

Belen Rodriguez: how tall is she? And what is its weight?

Let's find out together the measures of the Argentine star, highly admired on TV and on social media

Belen Rodriguez turns 33: the reasons for his (lasting) success

The body of the beautiful Argentine-born showgirl is sure to envy many Italian models. Belen, who surprised everyone by kissing Ilary Blasi at the GF, is now almost a symbol of beauty in our television landscape. But how high is Rodriguez? And is it in its proper weight? Belen is quite high compared to the female average: it measures 1.75 cm. This height is further enhanced by the heeled shoes that she loves to wear. As for weight, Belen Rodriguez stands at around 54 kilograms. This value is lower than its ideal weight, which would be around 60 kg. But you know, TV makes you look fatter and that's why many TV presenters are so fixated on the line. Without considering that being under the physiologically ideal weight is a sadly common thing for women in the world of entertainment (and not only): complicit in the unreal aesthetic canons imposed by contemporary society. However, in Belen's case the difference is quite moderate and certainly not worrying.

Belen Rodriguez's body mass index is 17.63 while a minimum value in the normal weight range is 18.5. It would therefore only take a few extra pounds to make the star reach the ideal weight. Venerated by her fans, admired by the other stars, however Belen likes it as it is: it is also her slender, slender and slender figure that strikes and remains impressed in the mind of her many admirers, also because she certainly does not miss the curves to the point quite right.

Despite the diets and the gym, the model also indulges herself in delicious sins of gluttony: her favorite dish, for example, is the very Italian tomato fettuccine, as admitted by herself with a photo posted on her Instagram. But it balances the passion for good food with long runs, dance and pilates sessions, as well as a couple of weekly visits to the gym, where you train by doing abs and squats that give you marble buttocks.

Already in Argentina Belen was a fashion and lingerie model, although the real success comes for her in Italy. After a couple of years from her arrival she landed in the world of television in 2007. At first we see her on the local Teleboario network, then after a few months she made the leap in quality by conducting "La Tintoria", a Rai3 program. The following year she was the protagonist of Max's calendar, and she would also be invited to participate in the reality show "The Island of the Famous", a program that makes it known to the general public. Also host of the 2011 edition of the Sanremo Festival, Belen is also known for her turbulent love life. After parting with 10, father of his son Santiago, Belen is happy alongside Suzuki driver Andrea Iannone.

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