Belen Rodriguez, on Instagram the truth about the alleged boyfriend Mattia Ferrari

Belen Rodriguez

Belen clarifies on Instagram in what relationships he is with Mattia Ferrari, the man who remained by her after the breakup with Stefano De Martino

Belen Rodriguez alongside another man after the crisis with Stefano De Martino. The showgirl clarifies in the Stories of Instagram on the real identity of Mattia Ferrari.

Belen is in Milan where she has often been seen in the company of Mattia. The gossip was immediately unleashed, assuming that it is his new flame. The showgirl preys with great irony on the rumors circulating about her and responds to the rumors for the rhymes, in the most direct way.

The beautiful Argentine in Instagram Stories appears alongside Ferrari and comments: "There is Mr. Mattia, my new boyfriend of course. Slightly gay …. " And the objective is for Ferrari to pass the powder on his face. Santiago, who attends the scene, confirms the words of the mother.

Belen continues in the presentations: "Mattia is putting makeup on Patty [Patrizia Griffini, the petineuse of Big Brother and friend of Belen]". And he asks: "How did you think it came?" He asks the same question to his son who does not use half-words: "It is ugly". Belen jokingly repeats it: "It is not said so." And cut the career of make up artist to his friend Mattia who just has to fix the contouring of his face.

Mattia Ferrari is actually a young entrepreneur, founder and owner of Arnold Creative Communications. It is an agency that deals with digital communication and provides personalized services and consultancy in the social media sector.

In these difficult days for Belen, he was very close to her, provoking unfounded rumors about their alleged new love story nipped in the bud by those directly concerned.

Meanwhile, rumors are emerging about the – perhaps definitive – end of the love between Rodriguez and De Martino. It seems that among the causes are his friends, reports the magazine Oggi which reveals how the crisis has been going on for months and started already in January.

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