Belen Rodríguez returns to Milan: Ready for Striscia la Notizia!

Belen Rodríguez returns to Milan: Ready for Striscia la Notizia!

Belen Rodriguez has left Ibiza and returned to Milan, ready to face the conduct of Striscia la Notizia

The holidays are over and Belen Rodriguez returns to Milan. The Argentine showgirl is ready for Striscia la Notizia, even if she already misses Ibiza. In fact, Belen has left the house she shared with her family on the island for a month now and has returned to Milan, to her home, to prepare for the conduct of the satirical news in which she will be paired with Michelle Hunziker.

To greet the summer and the days in Ibiza, now that she has returned to Milan, Belen Rodriguez has shared some videos on Facebook that summarize her reckless holidays. The video shows little Santiago (who is now on vacation with his father Stefano De Martino), Belen's parents and friends, including Andrea Iannone. The MotoGp rider has been listed for some time as the new boyfriend of Argentina. Belen flew to Austria for him and shortly after invited him to Ibiza for a yacht trip and a nice disco party. In reality, however, it seems that there is only a good friendship between the two and that the showgirl is not interested in having a new relationship, especially now that the television commitments will completely absorb it.

As already anticipated, in fact, Belen Rodriguez will soon be at the helm of Striscia la Notizia together with Michelle Hunziker. The two women will present the satirical news for a week pending the arrival of Ezio Greggio. An experiment, that of Antonio Ricci, that if it were to go well it could certainly lead to an ongoing collaboration with Belen. Shortly afterwards it will be the turn, rumors have it, of Pequenos Gigantes, the program of Maria De Filippi listener listened successfully by Rodriguez last season. It is not yet clear whether Stefano De Martino, the ex-husband who once again, according to certain sources, could lead a new program, will be next to her.

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