Belen Rodriguez reveals the gesture of the ex after the birth of Luna Marì

Belen Rodriguez

After the birth of Luna Marì, Belen Rodriguez reveals the gesture of the ex (including De Martino)

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Belen Rodriguez reveals the gesture of the ex after the birth of their daughter Luna Marì. On July 12, the Argentine showgirl gave birth to her second child, the result of the bond with Antonino Spinalbese. The little girl brought great joy into the life of the model who, after years of sentimental complexity, seems to have found the happiness she had been looking for for some time.

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Rodriguez has experienced several important loves, the greatest with Stefano De Martino. It was 2012 when the two fell in love behind the scenes with Amici di Maria De Filippi. At the time he was still linked to Emma Marrone, while she was engaged to Fabrizio Corona. An overwhelming passion that led them shortly after to get married and to crown their union with the birth of Santiago. Then the crisis, the breakup and a painful separation, interrupted by a flashback that had made the fans dream.

In the summer of 2020 the final farewell, with a Belen who had not hidden, showing herself sad and disarmed on Instagram for the end of her marriage. Many things have changed since then. In Ibiza, where she had fled to find some peace, Rodriguez found love in the arms of Antonino Spinalbese. Today the hairstylist is the man of her life and the father of the second child Luna Marì.

The arrival of the little girl marked a turning point in Belen's existence, indicating her rebirth after so much pain. To celebrate her arrival not only friends and family, but also Rodriguez's ex, as she herself confirmed. The showgirl told the weekly Chi that everyone, without exception, wished her best wishes for the arrival of Luna Marì. Stefano De Martino, who liked the first photo of the little girl on Instagram, would have congratulated his ex-wife even in private. "They were all very nice", confessed Belen, who now looks to the future with Antonino. "They have been difficult months because Belen has suffered – confided Spinalbese -. When Luna Marì was born and we returned home it was as if we had to get to know each other again, because she has changed a lot, positively. She is very sweet, it was a new courtship ".

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