Belen Rodriguez, Santiago celebrates birthday without dad Stefano

Belen Rodriguez, Santiago celebrates birthday without dad Stefano

Belen Rodriguez celebrates Santiago's birthday, who turns 8, without Stefano De Martino

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Belen Rodriguez celebrates Santiago's birthday without father Stefano De Martino. On 9 April, the conductors' son turned eight. An important milestone that the showgirl also celebrated on Instagram, showing the best moments of the small party organized at home. In the video and photos shared by Belen, Santiago has fun with the whole Rodriguez family and two friends, including balloons, gifts and a chocolate cake.

Stefano De Martino was absent, while the presence of Antonino Spinalbese was not lacking, who has already created a splendid relationship with Santiago. Belen's new partner, who will soon become a father, has conquered everyone, starting with the son of Rodriguez and De Martino. A few days ago, as a guest of Mara Venier, the Argentine model told of Santiago's reaction to the arrival of Antonino in her life. "When Santiago saw me smile he told me 'this person is right' and we were still friends at the time – he explained -. Children understand everything ".

Belen and Stefano, despite the separation, managed to create a good relationship for the good of Santiago. Rodriguez and De Martino tried to reunite their family, but only later they realized they were not compatible. “In all it lasted eight years with a two-year break – explained the showgirl -. He is absolutely present as a father. When there are problems in a family, the family must give itself the right to try again. He experienced this return, and he understood that it was wrong. When the children understand that it is not right, they resign themselves, because they see that you have given your all but there is nothing they can do. And since the children stay 24 hours with their mothers, it is difficult for mothers to hide their suffering: she knocked on the door, went into the bathroom and told me 'don't worry, I'll take care of it'. It took me a while to recover. The suffering lasted four years ”.

Rodriguez couldn't be happier today. She is expecting a little girl, whom she will call Luna Marie, from her companion Antonino Spinalbese. Pregnant Belen is a charm and she is sure she has found the right person for her, but also for little Santiago. With the certainty that Stefano, very close to his son, will remain forever in their lives.

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