Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino forgets her and conquers another TV diva

Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino forgets her and conquers another TV diva

After the crisis and the success of Made In Sud, Stefano De Martino forgets Belen Rodriguez and conquers another television diva

Stefano De Martino forgets Belen Rodriguez and conquers another TV diva. According to the latest rumors released by Diva and Donna, Amici's former dancer would have bewitched a very famous woman who would not be immune to her charm. Thirty years and a career on the rise, the host would have made a showgirl and host lose her head. Who is it about? It is not known, the only certainty is that the diva in question would have spent a few hours in the company of Stefano in the period when he was no longer linked to Rodriguez. From that moment in his thoughts there would be only the presenter.

Ironic and brilliant, the conductor of Made In Sud is the most desired man of the moment, at the center of the gossip for the crisis with Belen Rodriguez. Stefano has made it clear several times that he doesn't want to talk about it publicly, especially after his wife revealed on Instagram that she is having a difficult time. According to some rumors, he would have left Rodriguez, not because of betrayals or the intrusiveness of her family, but because of character differences.

The long coexistence during the lockdown would have dismissed Belen and Stefano, protagonists of a dispute that would have led to the breakup. And while she consoles herself thanks to her family and friend Mattia Ferrari, between shooting and dinners, he has achieved enormous success with Made In Sud, reaching record listening with couple with Fatima Trotta. To reveal his mood some friends who reported to the weekly Chi the words of the ex dancer of Maria De Filippi. "What happened to us happened to many others – he would have said – I know many stories of people who have taken and left several times, but right now the priority is Santiago and I am sure that we are both doing everything to make him stay well".

Stefano's Likes to Belen's photos would therefore only be a way to keep in touch with the showgirl and thus guarantee the serenity of little Santiago. In the meantime, fans hope that, after the couple's long distance, divided due to the Made In Sud recordings taking place in Naples, De Martino and Rodriguez will finally be able to clarify.

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